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Tesla conspiracy folklore|Tesla-Verschwörungstheorien-Quatsch

April 6, 2010, mkrause


There is some misinformation about Tesla, his life and his personality out there. The pictured scenario is remarkably easy: bad Morgan, good Tesla. Human beings are never that easy, nor is life. For instance, Tesla envisioned the harnessing of space energy, energy from the ambient medium. He never dreamt of free energy, this is somebody else’s dream. “Free energy form the active medium” is a really wonderful idea. But I never saw any over-unity machine. Have you? When? Where? If anyone would come up with a “EM windmill” machine – congrats! Or (as it is written in the Tesla folklore): Morgan crushed Tesla! In the real world, Tesla simply didn’t pay back Morgan’s investment, and Morgan went away (in fact, he saved Wall Street after the assasination of president McKinley). Question: what would you do, if you give someone a loan of three Million $ US, and the person you have lent the money to doesn’t pay back any cent. He then demands for more money and – on top of it – he calls you a monster? Really, what would you do? Further false information based on hearsay like “Tesla was murdered” only helps to put Tesla research into the “Big Conspiracy” corner. There is only darkness in that corner, no vision, no future. This is just too simple.

Es gibt eine Menge an Falschinformationen über Tesla, seine Person und Persönlichkeit. Das beschriebene Szenario ist immer ganz einfach: böser Morgan – guter Tesla.  Aber Menschen sind niemals so einfach, noch ist es das Leben. Tesla z.B. hatte die Vision, die Menschheit an das große (Energie-)Räderwerk der Natur anzuschließen. Er träumte niemals von freier Energie, dieser Traum gehört zu jemand anderen. “Freie Energie aus dem aktiven Medium” ist eine wunderbare Idee. Aber ich habe noch nie eine “over-unity”-Maschine gesehen. Sie? Wann? Wo? Oder (auch das aus dem Fundus der Tesla-Verschwörungstheorien): Morgan hat Tesla zerstört! In Wirklichkeit hat Tesla Morgan einfach nicht das Darlehen zurückgezahlt, und Morgan hat sich anderen Dingen zugewendet (tatsächlich rettete er Wall Street nach der Ermordung des amerikanischen Präsidenten McKinley). Was würden Sie tun, wenn Sie jemand 3 Millionen US-Dollar geliehen hätten, und derjenige zahlt Ihnen keinen Cent zurück. Wenn derjenige dann auch noch mehr Geld einfordert Was würden Sie tun? Weitere Falschinformationen, die z.T. auf Hörensagen basieren wie z.B. “Tesla wurde ermordet” helfen nicht, die Tesla-Forschung aus der “Großen Verschwörungsecke” herauszuholen. Dort ist es einfach nur dunkel, es gibt keine Visionen, keine Zukunft. Das ist einfach zu einfach.

  1. do you seriously expect us to believe this as truth?
    your article contributes nothing. congrats

    Comment by hey23 — April 7, 2010 @ 3:17 am

  2. Yes, the article does contribute something. It points something out, is food for thought.

    Comment by groove68 — April 7, 2010 @ 11:14 am

  3. I disagree with this post in the fact that Tesla may have been on to something with his wireless transmission of wireless energy (A concept not fully developed until years later). If Morgan had continued investing in his project he may have changed the world forever. Tesla was not a business man but a thinker and he did not properly manage his money which was one of his major downfalls. After all Tesla was the inventor of the AC power source that is used in just about every single item in your day to day life.

    Comment by futbolesvida — May 14, 2010 @ 5:20 pm

  4. That’s the whole point: Tesla – this is true – thought small amounts of energy were transmitted really. That he wanted to transmit large amounts of energy, that is folklore.

    Comment by mkrause — May 21, 2010 @ 8:09 pm

  5. J.P. Morgan saved the stock market….Hmmmmm….is this by chance the same J.P. Morgan whom forced the crash of the stock market while he and some of his closest friends backed quietly out of the market, only to turn around and buy up whole banks and corporations for pennies on the dollar? When was Tesla given three million? I understand that the amount given was $100,000 (and still short of what Tesla originally asked for). We all know that Edison exploitated Tesla – is it so hard to comprehend that one of the wealthest men in history did the same? To say ANYONE is a monster is purely subjective…but even Hitler had his admirers. However, bankers should not write law that dramatically affect the public at whole….just as politicians should not restrict the fields of Medicine.

    Comment by David Robbins — May 30, 2010 @ 1:44 am

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    Comment by Rudolph Klinck — March 27, 2012 @ 6:29 pm

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