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Director’s note

I became interested in Nikola Tesla 20 years ago. A friend of mine had written a novel, in which Tesla played an important part. I wrote the script for a feature film with all the ingredients this fascinating character offered: a genius with tremendous success, and a downfall. Happily this film was never made.

After a long time working in the film industry I wanted to become a filmmaker again. I had worked on documentaries, and I sat down with my producer. There was a question in the room: what should the film be about? From the far end of my brain a name took shape: Nikola Tesla. There he was, the character I would spend the next four years with.

It became clear that Tesla is BIG. If you google Tesla, you get more than 14 million hits. What do you do with all this information? I decided to concentrate on one question: who is doing what now (with Tesla)? I went on a research tour to meet all these people. I found the most marvellous, friendly and focussed people you can imagine. Interest in Tesla was common sense.

I met people who know a lot about the state of this planet and the things they told and demonstrated make you scared. It is a wonderful world we live in, but we have this really big problem: energy. During my research I have witnessed some phenomena, which, if the technology could be realized, would be things to hope for.

Tesla envisioned a peaceful world with abundant energy, without wars and the need for it. He was a true visionary, and his most interesting vision was to tap into the eternal source of energy of the Universe. Today, this is called dark energy. This energy is there, we just can’t see it.

Tesla was a master of energy. I think he really felt some of the most fundamental forces. We all do. It’s all energy and we sometimes, if we’re lucky, feel it. My idea was to make people aware of Tesla’s ideas. Maybe they can help us out of the upcoming energy crisis. ALL ABOUT TESLA – THE RESEARCH became an experience of a lifetime. It’s a nice piece in time; it documents my quite adventurous and astonishing research.

Michael Krause


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