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The Tesla Legacy by Rebecca Cantrell

April 20, 2015, mkrause


Rebecca Cantrell, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, has recently published the second novel of her “Joe Tesla” series, The Tesla Legacy. In the book, lead character Joe Tesla is confronted with a very special villain who wants to destroy Empire State Building with the so-called Tesla oscillator. This machine is capable of bringing down everything, from apartment buildings to bridges (Joe’s father actually did this), and well, the iconic skyscraper of New York City by oscillation. Nikola Tesla, godfather of all scientific fantasy fiction, invented this dangerous machine which Mark Twain called “that little terror of yours”, at the end of the 19th century. It actually worked so well that during the test-run of this not-bigger-than-a-hammer machine Tesla had to destroy the machine.

In The Tesla Legacy, the reader gets more and more information about the hero of the Joe Tesla series, a very rich, very modern, kind of nerdy and very special main character who lives in a brownstone house lingering deep under Grand Central Station, because of his agoraphobia. Joe and his dog Edison, a golden retriever have to fight hard, are almost killed but, in the end, save New York of course. The book is bringing the together the legacy of genius Nikola Tesla (hence the title), and the modern world. This sci-fi book brings you new insights about technology, psychology, and well-written fiction. This book is dangerous as the Tesla oscillator: start reading it – and you will not be able to put it away. Highly recommended, and tell others.


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