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January 4, 2019, mkrause

VIZIV Tesla 08122018


Viziv Technologies, a tech firm, is going to further develop the transmission of wireless energy. Their mission is the “commercialization of the Zenneck surface wave”, as stated on their website (www.vizivtechnologies.com). Jonathan Zenneck (1871-1959), a native German, became assistant to Ferdinand Braun at Strasbourg in 1895. There, Zenneck was introduced to the art of wireless transmission of any kind by the lectures of Nikola Tesla. Zenneck worked on Maxwell’s equations, i.e. on waves located around an interface between conducting and non-conductiong medium (“Zenneck waves”). During WW1, Zenneck became was a leading figure in the patent case Telefunken vs. Marconi. After the war Zenneck studied the properties of the Ionosphere. Viziv Technologies will utilize mentioned Zenneck waves and claim that they “can propagate around the Globe from a single location with until-now unachievable efficiency.” The concept seems to be quite similar to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe project. Good luck!

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  2. This may provide some more details.

    When living in LA I worked for a company that invested in this and I had the opportunity to visit the Texas site. I got to see first hand over 1KW
    (a one HP motor was operating with no interconnecting wires) received at over 1km. This was using one of the smaller devices,
    not the big tower. The big tower was under construction and was testing using just a few watts. The small tower/device was
    running about 5KW from a AM broadcast transmitter. This project is real and there is no magic behind the curtian. The Corum’s
    are first rate scientists and have been identified by the US government as a national resource with their work at Airforce
    Cambridge. I had the chance to talk with them at the Viziv/Texzon facility. They are considered THE authority on Tesla’s RF
    work and Ball Lightning by the Russians and Americans both. They indicated that they had full access to all the Tesla documents
    in Belgrade while working with the 1st and 2nd directors and hinted there is nothing left with the FBI. It was obvious the
    Viziv/Texon managers of the company were in strong control of the Corum’s and their work.

    They made it clear the work in Milford is to basically make an “extension cord” for power and global communications with very
    low power and phased arrays for geo-location. There is no free energy nonsense. Their claim is that they discovered how to produce
    a Zenneck Surface wave (proposed by two german scientists, Jonathan Zenneck and Arnold Sommerfield) by supplying the ground
    with RF fields at the Brewster angle. A Zenneck wave drops off as one over the square root of the distance. However when a load
    is connected to earth all the power went to the load with minor losses. The losses are usually associated with the higher
    frequencies. During the presentation they indicated it was much the same as using teledeltos paper. The goal of the big tower
    was to produce a Zenneck Surface wave that will reach around the globe. Something in the neighborhood of 100 Hertz. For Tesla
    the world frequency was 11 Hertz not 7.8 Hertz.

    They showed us a laser (light is EM wave the same as radio frequencies) pointer reflected
    off the conference room table, at the Brewster angle there was no reflection. But, if you looked along the edge of the table
    the light was very bright. They explained the light energy was trapped along the surface of the table. The Corum’s spent 40 years
    trying to figure out how to do the same thing with RF. They indicated the obstacle was the earth around the tower.
    Apparently the dirt is frequency sensitive and it made the Brewster angle non-real (with light the angle is real), or complex.

    Some how they made a complex Brewster angle by playing with the phase and voltage of the local RF fields. This created an
    infinite plane as required to launch a Zenneck Surface wave. I hope some day they publish what is behind all the patents.
    They did not mention anything about Schumann resonance or the ionosphere. They claimed they created a one sided wave guide
    much like plasmons use at light frequencies.

    Their real joy was the the replication of an experiment done by Bell Labs in the mid 1930s. They actually redid the experiment
    at the same location as in the 1930s, at Seneca Lake in New York. The Corum’s were able to demonstrate
    that the 1930s experiment was incomplete. They replicated what Bell Labs did and then demonstrated that if the radiation was
    removed by making the structure very small and the RF fields were just so for the lake water, a Zenneck Surface wave could be
    produced just as Zenneck predicted. That proved that Zenneck and Sommerfield were correct back around 1910 and the work of
    Kenneth Norton in the 1930’s at the FCC was not quite correct. Zenneck waves do not have near and far fields, just a traveling
    wave with very very low loss.

    From what I was able to get out of the presentation regarding Tesla was that they had reproduced Tesla’s Colorado Springs
    experiment and sent power 25 miles. Tesla’s work laid the foundation but the Viziv/Texzon tower greatly expands on Tesla’s work.
    They were quite adamant that there are no Tesla secrets and no cover ups. Everything you need is in the existing Tesla literature.
    What is not in the literature is the “how does it work”. That is in their patents and 40 years of hard labor. One of the Corum’s
    had a big sign in his office, Do what Tesla tells you to do and you get the same results. Don’t try to do what you think Tesla
    did (something like that). There was also a working replica of one of Tesla receivers in his office. It was the same one Corum
    used to listen to the Jovian decametric signals and hear one, two, three.

    Here is a website that trys to keep up with the Corum publications. Who knows what else they are working on…
    For Russian speaking,

    It was a fascinating day spent at Milford, TX.

    Comment by George — April 8, 2020 @ 2:12 pm

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  4. The Russian rumors mill is wild this summer with stories about generals classifying the Corums work. Is it true the pentagon took over their work? Anyone know about this?

    Comment by Nahil — September 24, 2020 @ 8:19 am

  5. Good morning,
    Is it possible with simple means to reproduce and demonstrate a wireless energy transmission?
    I am aware and I test the Tesla tower with magnifying … but no concrete results.


    Comment by Pierre Lecomte — November 27, 2023 @ 10:13 am

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