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A new self-disinfecting mask

February 27, 2021, mkrause

A new self-disinfecting mask that makes viruses inactive by use of electricity is on the way. This invention shows the usefulness of electricity in current pandemic. Read the press release by ZHAW Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology:

Whether made of cellulose or fabric, protective masks have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In today’s models, their protective effect is based on the filtering of aerosols or, in addition, on the passive inactivation of viruses by means of charged surfaces, for example using silver cations. To ensure that the masks provide reliable protection, they must be worn correctly and replaced or professionally washed as appropriate. A protective mask that can be sterilised at any time at the touch of a button would have significant advantages. This is where the ZHAW and Osmotex, a company based in Thalwil, near Zurich, come in: using innovative electrochemical technology, viruses and other pathogens can be rendered harmless not only passively, but also actively. A prototype of this mask is currently being optimised by three research groups at the ZHAW Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology in Wädenswil. The researchers have been able to demonstrate that the innovative mask is safe and poses no health risks. It should be ready for the market by spring 2021 at the latest.


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