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How to Cope with Climate Change

March 4, 2024, mkrause

Climate change is the ultimate threat in the world today, and it can only be addressed through comprehensive technological and societal transformation. This book examines the financial, technical, and social situation of the world today, and outlines some of the existing policies and technologies that will help us on our long and unpredictable journey through climate change. Three major factors that have led us to today’s predicament — our economic system, our own inexcusable ignorance, and continued political inertia — must be addressed, discussed, and changed for the better. [LINK]

Tesla on Electricity

December 31, 2021, mkrause

July 21, 2021, mkrause
Patagonia Park, The Tompkins Foundation

In their name, the German company TESVOLT has put together two milestone developers in electricity, Nikola Tesla and Alessandro Volta. TESVOLT develops, builds, insralls and maintains sustainable energy storage systems. In the Chacabuco Valley in Patagonia, at the “Patagonia Park” TESVOLT has installed a 48 V battery storage system, with a discharging power of 54 kW. The new system replaced polluting diesel generators so 100% of the park’s energy requirements are now met by renewable resources. This is just one example of how Tesla’s ideas of sustainable electrical systems even in the most remote areas of the earth come to life.

A new self-disinfecting mask

February 27, 2021, mkrause

A new self-disinfecting mask that makes viruses inactive by use of electricity is on the way. This invention shows the usefulness of electricity in current pandemic. Read the press release by ZHAW Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology:

Whether made of cellulose or fabric, protective masks have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. In today’s models, their protective effect is based on the filtering of aerosols or, in addition, on the passive inactivation of viruses by means of charged surfaces, for example using silver cations. To ensure that the masks provide reliable protection, they must be worn correctly and replaced or professionally washed as appropriate. A protective mask that can be sterilised at any time at the touch of a button would have significant advantages. This is where the ZHAW and Osmotex, a company based in Thalwil, near Zurich, come in: using innovative electrochemical technology, viruses and other pathogens can be rendered harmless not only passively, but also actively. A prototype of this mask is currently being optimised by three research groups at the ZHAW Institute of Chemistry and Biotechnology in Wädenswil. The researchers have been able to demonstrate that the innovative mask is safe and poses no health risks. It should be ready for the market by spring 2021 at the latest.


December 24, 2020, mkrause


FWD: A Plausible “Penny” Costing Effective Treatment for Corona Virus – Ozone Therapy

April 3, 2020, mkrause



The Current War: Director’s Cut

October 29, 2019, mkrause



Welcome to another film about the “war of currents”, and another actor (Nicholas Hoult) re-creating Tesla’s character. It seems to be more of a Vaudeville show, a period piece, with lacking momentum at the finale set during the 1893 Chicago World Fair. Certainly, it is always fun to watch Benedict Cumberbatch, this time as a bold Edison. The film’s story in itself is also interesting, as its release was planned originally in 2017 by Weinstein Co. The rest is silence. Go see some fabulous Tesla pieces re-created in this movie!


Nikola Tesla On Electricity

May 5, 2019, mkrause

Power to the planet

January 4, 2019, mkrause

VIZIV Tesla 08122018


Viziv Technologies, a tech firm, is going to further develop the transmission of wireless energy. Their mission is the “commercialization of the Zenneck surface wave”, as stated on their website (www.vizivtechnologies.com). Jonathan Zenneck (1871-1959), a native German, became assistant to Ferdinand Braun at Strasbourg in 1895. There, Zenneck was introduced to the art of wireless transmission of any kind by the lectures of Nikola Tesla. Zenneck worked on Maxwell’s equations, i.e. on waves located around an interface between conducting and non-conductiong medium (“Zenneck waves”). During WW1, Zenneck became was a leading figure in the patent case Telefunken vs. Marconi. After the war Zenneck studied the properties of the Ionosphere. Viziv Technologies will utilize mentioned Zenneck waves and claim that they “can propagate around the Globe from a single location with until-now unachievable efficiency.” The concept seems to be quite similar to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe project. Good luck!


December 20, 2018, mkrause

X-Mas 2018_New Year 2019

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