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April 2, 2018, mkrause

Nikola Tesla @BBC The Forum radio program

November 20, 2017, mkrause


Michael Krause is a panellist @ BBC the Forum in a radio program about the life and work of the Serbian-American engineer, Nikola Tesla. Other panellists of the one-hour program are Jasmina Vujic, Professor of Nuclear Engineering at Berkeley, University of California, and a Vice President of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York; and Jane Alcorn the President of the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (UK broadcast Sat Nov 25, 2017, 20:06). Podcast/Website here

  • Berlin: 94.8 FM
  • UK radio broadcasts: Sat 20:06, Tue 00:06 AM and 09:06 AM
  • BBC World Service: Sat 25th  – Wed 29th November (http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/schedules/europe_audienceguidetolistening.pdf)
  • Podcast/download: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/forum or through iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/forum-a-world-of-ideas/id284278990?mt=2)
  • To listen in other countries, go to http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/5nCxH0NlsPtyW8WvJ0rwDJP/about-world-service-radio and look in the right-hand side FAQ panel
  • It will also be available from Monday 27th November online on its own webpage, (available a day or two before the radio broadcast)
  • The Forum homepage bbcworldservice.com/forum



Cumberbatch | Edison | Tesla

September 28, 2017, mkrause

Why is Nikola Tesla so important today?

September 9, 2017, mkrause

Chicago Tribune, 1897


In the last decade, many books, films, articles have been published about Nikola Tesla. National Geographic will showcase a whole series about the inventor, and even cars are being built nowadays with his name on it. Can you tell me (and us), why is that so? Why is Nikola Tesla so important today? Please send comments. Thank you.

Monty Python, Energy, and the Universe

June 14, 2017, mkrause

Tesla’s women

April 14, 2017, mkrause


Nikola Tesla’s life represents a perfect canvas for speculative thoughts. One interesting field in this regard is ‘Tesla and women’. A bachelor all his life, Tesla himself made several remarks about his relationships with women: “Marriage for an artist, yes; for a musician, yes; for a writer, yes; but for an inventor, no. The first three must gain inspiration from a woman’s influence and be led by their love to finer achievement, but an inventor has so intense a nature with so much of it in wild, passionate quality that in giving himself to a woman he might love, he would give every thing, and so take everything from his chosen field… It’s a pity, too, for sometimes we feel so lonely…” (Indianapolis Journal, June 19, 1896, p.3.)

Please find more thoughts about Tesla’s women here: http://anaatanaskovic.com/predavanje/#.WPCx62ekKM8

ALL ABOUT TESLA: Oct 29/30, 2016 Vienna Congress

September 12, 2016, mkrause

Save the date: Oct 29/30 Congress about the latest developments in Tesla technologies, organized by ÖVR, Ing. Mohorn

where: Akademisches Gymnasium, 1010 Wien, Beethovenplatz 1

contact: office@oevr.at


Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla!

July 10, 2016, mkrause

001 - Kopie copy

On this wonderful day I would like to express my warm congratulations to the 160th Birthday of Nikola Tesla with a stanza from a poem by Robert Underwood Johnson, a friend of the prodigal genius:

Oh, could Earth and Time assemble

All thy legions, Liberty,

At their tread the world would tremble

With the passion to be free.

by Robert Underwood Johnson (1853-1937)


Tesla in Mexiko

March 14, 2016, mkrause

Tesla_Mexiko_14032016link here

Anybody there in Mexico? Someone travelling to Mexico-City? Mexicans interested in Nikola Tesla? Go to the “Future-is-mine”-exhibit in Mexico-City which has already opened doors on March, 9. Open daily 10-6 through June, 12. The menue is magnificent, but in spanish only. See the exhibition, or you might also go there to see Krsto Papic’ “The secret of Nikola Tesla”, or Ridley Scott’s superb classic “Blade Runner”. Entrada es libre, so move!

ebook available here


February 5, 2016, mkrause


In January 1943, Nikola Tesla passed away. In January 2016, one of Tesla’s biggest fans, Mr David Bowie, went on his journey to what he called “Dark Star”. May we always remember that there are great characters around even if they are not anymore. Their legacy lives on. R.I.P.

ebook available here
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