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Why is Nikola Tesla so important today?

September 9, 2017, mkrause

Chicago Tribune, 1897


In the last decade, many books, films, articles have been published about Nikola Tesla. National Geographic will showcase a whole series about the inventor, and even cars are being built nowadays with his name on it. Can you tell me (and us), why is that so? Why is Nikola Tesla so important today? Please send comments. Thank you.

  1. Hello,

    It seams that the social developement on earth has reached that level where the inventions of Nikola Tesla in the field of energy saving lighting, renewable energy sources etc. can spread out.
    Because he was decades ahead of his time and worked for the future it is “naturally” that as time goes by we will hear more frequently about him and his discoveries.

    Warm regards: István Kocsis

    Comment by István Kocsis — February 28, 2018 @ 3:57 pm

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