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All Tesla’s Fault? | Alles Teslas Schuld?

July 10, 2009, mkrause


Why didn’t Tesla succeed? He was the one who had the basic ideas for a society rich in resources AND spirit – at a time, when everything our modern society is based on was discoverd. There seems to be an answer hidden in this statement itself: In OUR system (our meanwhile post-modern society) nothing can survive that is based on something that could be called collective consciousness. Only the picture (or: the reception of this picture, the icon) has a value. In fact, it is the end of any value, that is the situation where we’re all in. Maybe Tesla did foresee it, but it’s doubtful. No one ever thought of a society like ours: cutting off the hands that feed us (nature). Tesla (and many others, IMAGINE!) thought in another direction; today, we can only be happy and thankful to have these thoughts. Will it “pay off”, in the end?

Warum hat Tesla keinen Erfolg gehabt? Er hatte die grundlegenden Gedanken für eine Gesellschaft, die reich an Ressourcen UND an Geist sein sollte. Die Antwort scheint in sich selbst verborgen zu sein: In unserem System (oder: unserer post-modernen Gesellschaft) überlebt nichts, was auf wirklichen Fakten beruht. Nur das Bild (oder: die Rezeption dieses Bildes) hat Wert. Tatsächlich bedeutet dies das Ende einer jeden Werthaftigkeit. Vielleicht hat Tesla dies vorhergesehen, aber das ist fraglich. Niemand hat sich jemals eine Gesellschaft wie die unsrige vorstellen können: Eine, die die Hände, die sie füttert, abschneidet (Die Natur). Tesla steht für eine andere Richtung; heute können wir dafür nur dankbar sein. Doch wird sich das am Ende bezahlt machen?

  1. I suppose we have to wait another thousand years to see a better society, hopefully we can survive ourselves as a race.
    Also, Happy Birthday Mr. Tesla =D

    Comment by felipechoque — July 11, 2009 @ 12:01 am

  2. Why couldn’t Tesla succeed? Nobody would fund his later experiments, but today the situation has not changed. Perhaps it has even grown worse. Why are there not ten “Tesla labs” working on the research, why not fifty or a hundred? The answer is not difficult to learn.

    Revolutionary research like Tesla’s still attracts ridicule, not supporters. The same “wall” of hostile laughter and disbelief which blocked Tesla, will also block YOU if you try to go in that direction.

    Comment by william beaty — July 12, 2009 @ 6:25 am

  3. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

    Part of the issue is not many minds (compared to total populous… including world leaders) understand either the history of science, nor the developments in the descriptions that have led to our current ideas.

    It lies at the heart of the scientific method. Any bias in the observer will cause him/her to jump at shadows, and possibly fit the data.

    Tesla experimented at a time when many minds were actively probing the new environmental interaction in electromagnetism. Many minds create many descriptions until a Darwinian victor is crowned (some times with as much pomp and circumstance which leads to the heart of the problem).

    When you read into Tesla’s experiences you find the heart of the inventor and his real goals. To reproduce his technology would force a restructure of our society like the restructuring of rock under intense heat and pressure; swirling with energy.

    Imagine this, all sources of energy all of a sudden are forced to a price of $1*10^-10 $0.0000000001/GWh (yes gigawatt hour, im talking harnessing stars here) . There would be an immediate shift in the market! Real production capacity would increase, jobs would be lost, whole industries downsized to mere maintenance crews and small manufacturing firms.

    It is neither profitable to the current capitalist model, nor is it managable by the latter. There for it is an imposibility (for now) to start commercialization.

    what i am talking about is a shift to a First Class civilization. Prof. Meyl is one of the guys that unlocked one puzzle that has for years, left many radio experimenters looking for a black cat, in a dark room, that isnt there. But it is the beginning of the chain of consequences that will either lead to us destroying this beautiful rarity we live on.
    Jupiter is more electromagnetically spectacular, but doesnt have David Gilmour to saranade them.

    If you are wondering about the operation of the magnifying transmitter, look up lectures by a prof. Walter Lewin (google video) he explains modern electrostatics/dynamics, and oscillators. Then read prof. Meyl’s paper on Tesla’s research.

    And to everyone reading, monitoring, and administering; Thank you for this space, and sorry it had to be so long.

    Comment by Beanah Vulgaris — July 14, 2009 @ 11:32 am

  4. We are very interested in the The movie “ALL ABOUT TESLA – THE RESEARCH” (DVD)
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    Many friends and I have made it a “hobby”, if not an obsession, to study Mister Tesla and his contributions. We believe that “exposure”, in tangible form, is the only way to promote “awareness”… “It’s About Time” to honor the “Man Of The Twentieth Century” .

    Comment by Jay — July 19, 2009 @ 6:39 pm

  5. Jay,
    please look here: http://www.realeyz.tv/
    You can downstream the film @realeyz for small $….
    Of course, I agree with you that promoting growing awareness for global problems must focus on Tesla’s work.

    Comment by mkrause — October 14, 2009 @ 8:41 am

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