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Radiant Airnergy|Umgebungs-Airnergy

January 27, 2010, mkrause

NIKOLA TESLAEnergy is everywhere. In the air, even. A new device, soon available for 40 Dollars, will pick frequency wave energy from Wifi spots out of the air, and use it to charge the batteries of  your cell-phone, for example. If the WiFi energy is enough to charge your batteries, there must be more to get out of the air that we breathe. Until now, air is used to burn fossil fuels for the production of energy. From now on, we should think different. There is magic energy in the air, not only tonight.

Energie ist überall, sogar in der Luft. Ein neues Gerät, das bald für 40 Dollar angeboten werden wird, empfängt die Energie aus den Wellen, die von W-Lan Hotspots ausgesendet werden. Das Gerät wandelt die Wellen in elektrischen Strom um, der dazu benutzt werden kann, um z.B. Ihre Handy-Akkus aufzuladen. Wenn diese W-Lan Energie ausreicht, um Ihre Batterien aufzuladen, dann muss mehr Energie in der uns umgebenden Luft  vorhanden sein. Bis jetzt wurde die Luft dazu verbraucht, fossile Stoffe zur Energiegewinnnung zu verbrennen. Ab jetzt sollten wir anders denken. Es ist eine magische Energie in der Luft, nicht nur heute Nacht.

  1. I remember reading an article in NEXUS magazine a couple years ago. The story details an afternoon in which Tesla drives around all day with his nephew in a car that ran on electricity plucked out of thin air with a contraption he build out of what looked like a bunch of vacuum tubes enclosed in a small box which he then hooked up to the car through an interface built into the floorboard on the passenger side. He was apparently tuning in to some omnipresent source of free energy that’s located high up in the ionosphere. Perhaps it’s just a matter of the right tuning instrument to get all the free energy we want, from wi-fi or whaterver

    Comment by drew — April 19, 2010 @ 4:10 am

  2. Crystal set cats whisker radio the powerless radio.

    This is similar, but this is very low power.

    Comment by Crystal set cats whisker radio the powerless radio — May 14, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

  3. Does anyone know of peer review articles are research that has been done on Tesla’s radiant energy collector? I am a masters student doing a project on it and I am wondering if there is any information out there. I have been doing a lot of searching, but have not found anything scientific.

    Comment by Daryl Strom — January 23, 2013 @ 3:21 am

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