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Foolish ignorance|Ignoranz, menschliche

February 1, 2010, mkrause


“It must be clear to every one that soon some new source of power supply must be opened up…” is a conclusion in one of Nikola Tesla’s lesser known articles.  In “The Mission of science” (Free Press Detroit, 2. Sep. 1900) Tesla foresaw energy supplied “by the energy of the medium…”, and what he really meant was sustainable energy (in our words). At that time, Tesla was sure he would live to see a world abundant in energy, sustainable energy. Today, not enough people listen, or care, or even do something – a mammouth re-orientation into the direction of sustainable energy supply is necessary. You can’t image how foolish and common human ignorance still is. Most of the people are even too idle to think about new ways of doing things, they just refuse everything. Can this still be true: Crisis, what crisis? Just recently, a huge German Museum for technology refused to present Nikola Tesla – not even a presentation juiced up with one of those Tesla roadsters would help: “Currently, there is no need from our side for a presentation on Tesla.” What?

“Es muss heutzutage jedem klar sein, dass sehr bald eine neue Energiequelle erschlossen werden muss …” ist einer der überschwänglich fordernden Sätze in einem Artikel Nikola Teslas (Free Press Detroit vom 2. September 1900). Tesla sah die Energieversorgung “durch das Medium” voraus; er meinte damit das, was wir heute die “erneuerbaren Energien” nennen. Damals war sich Tesla sicher, dass er so lange leben würde, um eine Welt überreich durch die Verwendung dieser erneuerbarer Energien zu erleben. Heute scheint immer noch niemand hören zu wollen, sich darum zu kümmern, oder etwas zu tun – eine riesige Umkehr in Richtung der Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien ist nötig. Man glaubt gar nicht, wie dumm die menschliche Uwissenheit heute noch ist. Die meisten Leute sind zu faul, über neue Sachen nachzudenken, sie verweigern einfach alles. Krise? Welche Krise? Gerade erst hat ein großes deutsches Museum für Technik eine Präsentation über Nikola Tesla abgelehnt – auch die Präsentation der echt flotten Tesla Roadster konnte nichts bewirken: “Es besteht zur Zeit unsererseits kein Bedarf eine Veranstaltung über Nikola Tesla anzubieten.” Tja.

  1. The Nikola Tesla exhibit at the TKK/Aalto University School of Science and Technology is very nice! The brochures the organizers of the exhibit have created are very nifty too, yet the timelines are slightly inaccurate and could do with more focus on Tesla’s technology and maybe a bit less on the pigeons. There are 3 pylons which display TV video, but these are mostly artistic / chaotic “mindmap” type connections between Tesla technologies, Tesla’s handwriting as a font, lots of blurred fading in and out, a smattering of music and so on. Purely artistic, not necessarily informative. The Tesla Coil was interesting, and I’ve posted some video of it on Vimeo. The Tesla Egg of Columbus is also on Vimeo now. All in all, I’m glad I can go to a place in Finland and see an exhibit like this. Would have liked more information and just more, but this was good enough. Shame to hear that Germany isn’t interested. I hear this same exhibit has been shown in various other places around Europe ever since the 150 year celebrations..
    The Tesla Coil crashed my iPhone 3GS, which was amusing..

    Comment by esaruoho — May 8, 2010 @ 4:25 am

  2. Thank you for your comment, and sorry about the 3G. was it the exhibit from Tesla Museum Belgrade? Information on Tesla is scrarce, I Konw. They all look for Wardenclyffe (have you heard about Unit 13 at UCL? They had organized a lecture in Graz with former Tesla Museum director, Branimir Jovanovic. What did the students look for? Wardenclyffe!

    Comment by mkrause — May 8, 2010 @ 1:47 pm

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